About Us

Our Values

A set of shared values guide our business decisions and shape our culture. The practical expression of these values and objectives can be seen in the collaborative relationships we build, the standards by which we measure our work and the commitments we make to our people.


We recognise that people are the core of our business. Sentanil Systems people are not just our staff members, although they are integral, but includes our partners and clients too, every person that Sentanil Systems interacts with. We live by recognising and investing in people and working together in a considerate, constructive and enjoyable way.


Sentanil Systems values integrity. We do what we say and say what we do. Individuals and teams are accountable, professional, honest, fair and respectful of all people and organisations.


Sentanil Systems people are devoted to striving for personal excellence. They persevere to achieve operational effectiveness and to increase value to our clients and innovations.

Where it all began

Found in December 2010 Sentanil Systems are proud to announce the acquisition of Epic Energy’s pipeline construction management software modules.
These modules include CMS (Construction Management System), Alignment Sheet Generator, FMS (Facilities Management System), Eddict / Field Data Capture, and the AS 2885 risk management database.
Sentanil Systems is a newly formed company headed by Hayden McDonald from Mipela, with product support from John Quigley
Hayden and John have a long history of GIS and database development in the pipeline industry, and are excited with the opportunities that further development of these products will provide.
Combined with Mipela’s suite of web-based GIS tools, there is now a full range of integrated GIS and database modules for the gas pipeline industry, from project feasibility and design, to construction and eventually through to operation and maintenance, that provide asset management tools for the total life cycle of the pipeline.
CMS began as a pipe tracking and traceability database created during the construction of the South West Queensland pipeline in 1995. Also at that time the first GIS was developed for the Australian pipeline industry, named SWQGIS. These systems were developed by a team headed by John Girle, who was passionate about data capture and integrity for the pipeline industry. John extended the boundaries to not only include the pipe/weld AS 2885 requirements, but also the cultural heritage, environment and land aspects of a project.
John was tragically killed whilst performing helicopter survey work in the Northern Territory in 2002. John would be proud that his legacy is well and truly continuing.
Since SWQP, there have been many projects where the software has been used. Thousands of kilometres of pipe, weld , coating and as-built data have been scanned, recorded and checked across each state in Australia, and overseas.
Recent key pipelines projects have included Enertrade's North Queensland Pipeline, DBNGP Looping, QSN Link and QSN3 Looping, TNGP, Roma Brisbane Looping for constructors such as Nacap, McConnell Dowell, WDS, Saipem, on behalf of clients including DBP, Epic Energy, Jemena, APA and Santos
Our corporate logo and company colours are important.
Sentanil is actually a slight respelling of “sentinel” a person employed to keep watch for some anticipated event.
The Sentanil Systems logo is the fluid all seeing eye to capture your project data and protect the corporate knowledge.
Red is for alert and attention; Blue is for detail.

Clients that have used the software include:

Duke Energy
ERM Power
Epic Energy
Leighton Construction
McConnell Dowell
One Steel
Origin Energy
Unidel Group

Projects that have used the software include:

3a DBNGP Looping
5a DBNGP Looping
5b DBNGP Looping
MAP Looping
Amcor Lateral
Darwin to Moomba
Gove Lateral
South West Queensland
Loy Yang Power Station
Nam Con Son
Tasmanian Gas Pipeline
Eastern Gas Pipeline
Bonaparte Gas Pipeline
Lyton Lateral
RBP Metro Looping 1
RBP Metro Looping 2
Roma Brisbane Pipeline
Braemar Power Project
PNG Gas Project
PNG Qld Gas Pipeline
PNG LNG Project
North Queensland Gas Pipeline
QCLNG Project
Argyle Trunkline
Kenya Lateral
Gracemere Pipeline